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Holiday Planning

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For the majority of patients the planning of a flight is very simply the schedule involved. However, for those with medical conditions the planning may be slightly more intricate.
Guidelines are available for different conditions via the British Airways website at

LOCATE Service

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have a new service called LOCATE. This is a service where you register your travel plans even for short trips so that the local embassy is aware of your presence in their area in case of major catastrophes,

EHIC – European Health Insurance Card

Treatment inside the European Economic Area (EEA) is free or at a reduced-cost emergency treatment for UK patients upon production of the European Health Insurance Card EHIC. Follow this link to learn more about the EHIC.

Know Before You Go

Ensure that your travel abroad goes smoothly, this link gives you a checklist to crosscheck:

Travel Immunisations

Ensuring an updated immunisation schedule is essential for all travellers. Certain schedules will include the administration of certain additional immunisations. Ensure you seek this information as early as possible to allow the schedule to be completed in plenty of time prior to travel.
Stalbridge Surgery Travel Immunisation Enquiry Form

National Travel Health Network & Centre

The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) provides health information for both health professionals and travellers. The information has been compiled by the NaTHNaC clinical and scientific team, and is updated regularly. On these pages you will be able find information about:

  • Health risks in your destination country
  • General health and safety advice
  • Reports of disease outbreaks.

Crossing borders with medicines

There are two considerations when travelling where medicines are concerned. Firstly, the regular medication that is required for the chronic medical conditions that you may have, how much to take, will there be government restrictions in the country you are visiting? Secondly, those medicines that are useful to have in ones possession for that just in case moment, e.g. pain relief.

For those with repeat medication or a complicated history a letter on your health may be appropriate for travel to certain countries.
Statement from your doctor on your health and medicines for travel

Pregnancy and travel

Pregnant women can travel safely. There are restrictions on the timing of their flying during the later part of their pregnancy. There are also a number of other considerations such as insurance and vaccinations for example.

Travellers with existing health problems

Guidelines are available for different conditions e.g. travel not permitted within 7 days of a Heart Attack.

Travel Risks, Insurance and the Elderly

Read more here.

First aid kit for travelling

What consists of a first aid kit for one person may be quite insufficient for the next. The requirements that a first aid kit must meet depend greatly on a number of variables, the general health of the traveller, the type of travel, the type of activities planned, the availability of supplies at your destination and many others. This link gives a brief description of some basic items. A more comprehensive list may be appropriate for an action packed holiday.

We have produced a list of useful medicines and dressings that are available over the counter here in the UK, along with approximate costs.

What to do if things go wrong

Any number of things can go wrong whilst travelling abroad for example illness, crime, accidents. We recommend this link to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which has useful advice in case of such unfortunate circumstances.

It is recommended that travellers:-

  • Carry insurance documents at all times which includes proof of insurance cover
  • Carry emergency contact numbers and medical assistance numbers for insurance companies.
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