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Repeat Prescription Policy

If you need to stay on a certain medication for some time, this treatment may be added to the repeat prescribing system. This enables you to request specific prescriptions without seeing the doctor each time.

For your safety and convenience, the system works as follows:

  • Make sure that you have an up to date and correct repeat prescription slip, this is the right hand side attached to your actual prescription
  • You may make a request by a number of means: personal attendance at the surgery, return the repeat slip, by fax and electronically via our website.
  • In addition we ask you to have a Stalbridge Surgery repeat prescription card identifying each drug, its dosage, clinical need and any monitoring needed
  • On the repeat prescription slip indicate clearly which drugs you require. If they are not required please do not request them
  • Allow 48 hours (Monday to Friday) to process the prescription. This allows us to check, record, issue and sign the prescription
  • On the repeat prescription order slip there is a review date. When this date approaches we ask you to make a repeat prescription review appointment
  • Not all medications will be put upon the repeat system
  • If you have medicines you no longer take or are out of date, then either the surgery or a pharmacy can dispose of them. It is easy to forget what a medication is for and possibly then take it inappropriately
  • Please do not hoard large quantities of medication. This is dangerous and wasteful
  • We welcome comments regarding the system.

Repeat Prescription Reviews

Monitoring repeat drug treatment is an effective way of ensuring that a treatment is working, whilst protecting the patient from adverse drug effects. We generally recommend a repeat prescription review appointment every six months. This allows the above to be discussed in addition to the assessment of whether a drug is still needed at all in the light of possible changed circumstances. Also any monitoring tests may be arranged.

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