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Closure of Stalbridge Surgery | FAQs

Information from Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group regarding the closure of Stalbridge Surgery
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Closure of Stalbridge Surgery

Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group have recently written to all registered patients to inform them that Dr Steve Clayton has given notice of his decision to retire from the practice on 31st December 2018.

Because Dr Clayton is the sole GP in the surgery this means that the surgery will close on this date.

The CCG appreciate that this news may cause concern but would like to reassure you that they are supporting the practice over the coming months to ensure that patients are able to register at another practice.

Please check the notice board in the practice reception for information on practices, transport etc. or join the CCG representatives for one of the patient drop in sessions which will run between 1pm and 7pm here at Stalbridge Surgery.

– Thursday 12 July
– Thursday 20 September

If you have any questions please speak to a member of the practice staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can patients choose where to register?
Patients can choose to register with any practice providing they reside within the practice inner boundary and the practice has an open list.

2. When can a GP practice decline to accept a patient?
Practices may not turn away any patient who resides within their inner boundary and who wishes to register with them unless the practice has prior agreement from the CCG to close their list.

3. What happens if I move out of my GP area in the future?
Practices generally have two boundaries – inner and outer. If a registered patient moves outside of the inner boundary, but is still living within the practice’s outer boundary, the practice cannot de-register the patient. If the patient moves outside of the outer boundary the practice may de-register.

4. Can I register with a practice if I reside outside of their inner boundary?
If a patient wishes to register with a practice but they don’t reside within the inner boundary, it is the practice’s discretion whether to accept that registration. Some practices may offer an Out of Area registration – where patients can visit the surgery for appointments, but there is no provision of home visits or emergency home care. This is again at the practice discretion, and they will be able to advise on this.

5. Does it matter if my new GP is in another county – Dorset or Somerset?
The same rules apply for new patient registrations as for 1 and 2 above.

6. In what circumstances can a GP practice close its Patient List?
There is a formal approval process for practices to follow to request closing their list. A practice may request to close their list for several reasons which may include internal capacity issues, premises refurbishments or where keeping the list open may detrimentally affect clinical care of existing patients.

7. What happens to Pharmacy arrangements?
Dispensing arrangements are subject to Government legislation and cannot be transferred to any other practice or pharmacy. Patients would need to check with the practice they wish register with to enquire about future dispensing arrangements.

8. If I return the postcard to let you know which practice I am likely to choose, will I be allocated to that practice?
No, this just gives us an indication of the numbers likely to register at each practice and helps the practices prepare by ensuring they have sufficient staff to manage the registration process and ongoing care.

9. What if I only have one choice of practice and I don’t want to register there?
We know that for a small number of patients, there will only be one practice available to them. If you have concerns regarding the care you will receive, we would encourage you to contact the practice to talk through your concerns and gain some reassurance. See also point 4 above.

10. How will I get to my new practice?
There are a number of community car schemes available. These have been provided for patients in the letter of 29 June, and are also on display in the surgery. A new community volunteer driver scheme is also being developed for the Stalbridge area. Details will be posted in the surgery and on the practice website.

11. How can I find out more information about the practices available to me?
All practices are on NHS Choices where you will find reviews, links to websites, and services offered.You can also look at the practice websites which give more detailed information. If you don’t have access to the internet, you could telephone the practice (details are in the letter of 29 June) to make an enquiry.

12. How will my patient records be transferred to my new practice?
Your medical records will be requested by your new practice and transferred electronically which is an efficient and speedy process. Your paper records will be transferred by courier in accordance with Information Governance regulations.

13. When do I need to register with a new practice?
You don’t need to register with another practice immediately as services will continue to be available at Stalbridge Surgery until the end of December 2018. However, we would encourage you to register with another practice by the end of November 2018 to avoid delays over the Christmas period.

14. What will happen if I don’t register with another practice?
If you have not registered with another practice by the end of November 2018, you will be allocated to a practice in your area. This will ensure you have a registered practice and are able to access GP services. You may choose to register elsewhere at a later date if you wish.

15. Can I continue to have treatment at Yeovil Hospital?
Yes, it doesn’t matter which GP surgery you are registered at – you will still be able to choose which hospital you want to be treated at.

16. I’m worried that I won’t get continuity of care if I register with a bigger surgery with lots of doctors. What can I do?
GP practices will be very happy to talk through your concerns, and to provide you with reassurance.

Information from Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group regarding the closure of Stalbridge Surgery
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